Refurbished iPhone 3G 8gb for $99!

Last August I purchased 2 iPhone 3G 16gb for my wife & I––after about 3 weeks we received the first bill and reality set in… “I can not afford this right now” despite the immense enjoyment and usability that I experienced in using an iPhone for the first time; nonetheless, the phones were returned right before the 30-day return policy was in effect.


I decided to settle for a simple “boring” less expensive phone until the time was right to once again get an iPhone. Yesterday my wife informed me that at&t was now offering refurbished iPhones via their website for $99 (8gb) & $199 (16gb). We both decided to get the 8gb because of the low price and the fact that 8gb will be sufficient. The phones should arrive some time next week.

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Freelance work in progress…

Since last summer I have been working on creating a logo identity for the rebranding of a company that has used the same logo for about 12 years. After a few months of hiatus––the logo has been chosen with a few minor options to be determined. I have a week to work on 3 projects that need to be refreshed using the new logo. Some ideas are in mind and I am excited to how everything will look when it is finished. It feels good to be working on this project mostly because it is different from the types of projects I create at work.

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Subzero temperature, and the quirky mac osx widget…

I often enjoy checking the weather in the morning via the “Weather” widget on my iMac. This morning in Kansas City the widget showed that it was -2º––when I arrived in Blue Springs, the same widget on a my Mac Pro showed that it was -3º:

neg2_KansasCityThe 2 locations are about 30 miles apart. My first point is… wow it’s a frigid morning in the KC area; while my second point is the difference in appearance in the widgets. For some reason on my computer at home, when logged in on my account, all of the small informational type appears to be outlined (see widget above). When logged in on my wife’s account on the same computer and from the computer in Blue Springs––the type is solid white (as shown in the widget below).

neg3_BlueSpringsI first noticed this odd issue well over a year ago and to this day have not been able to track down an explanation or a resolution. Has this happened to anyone else… do you know any way of resolving this issue? I would love to hear your feedback!

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Gaining Photoshop perspicacity…

An excellent Adobe Photoshop resource for learning and or being inspired by various techniques is none other than:


There are many other insightful sights; however, for now I am focusing this one. Be sure to check this site out if you are interested in Photoshop and have not already seen PSDTUTS.

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I have not even touched this blog for almost a year. It has been floating around collecting cyber dust! I am still trying to find time to put this to some sort of use. We will see what happens.

I am currently working 2 jobs; therefore, I am “senior graphic designer” by day, and “graphic designer” by night––pretty cool if you were to ask me––I am very blessed & thankful for both jobs especially during the state of the economy.

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Happy Birthday!

I have not kept in touch with my brother as much as I would like. With his birthday being next week, I decided I wanted to design and create a personalized card that at a quick glance showcased a typical birthday theme; however, a closer look would reveal a deeper meaning. The candlestick coming out of the cupcake is made from type which comes from the following verse out of John 8:12.BD-1

“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”       


I created the textured background to have a feeling of darkness; while the birthday cupcake and candle resemble the light of life – in the sense that a birthday is the annual reminder that we were created. As the years pass, we are faced with the reality of our past, present, and future choices – we have the free will to choose the light of life.

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