Refurbished iPhone 3G 8gb for $99!

Last August I purchased 2 iPhone 3G 16gb for my wife & I––after about 3 weeks we received the first bill and reality set in… “I can not afford this right now” despite the immense enjoyment and usability that I experienced in using an iPhone for the first time; nonetheless, the phones were returned right before the 30-day return policy was in effect.


I decided to settle for a simple “boring” less expensive phone until the time was right to once again get an iPhone. Yesterday my wife informed me that at&t was now offering refurbished iPhones via their website for $99 (8gb) & $199 (16gb). We both decided to get the 8gb because of the low price and the fact that 8gb will be sufficient. The phones should arrive some time next week.

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